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Chef Dedra

I am Dedra, better known as Dee-Dee, to my family and friends.  My childhood in Louisiana was filled with the warm embrace of Southern hospitality, the rich heritage of traditional and Cajun cuisine, and the loving presence of my mom and grandmother, both skilled in the art of producing mouthwatering meals. I was exposed to a tapestry of flavors and aromas by my grandmother and mom, that ignited my passion for cooking. The aroma of herbs and spices, from the gumbo, étouffée and fried chicken, as well as smelling cakes and pies baking, was a highlight  of my childhood.

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Enjoy a taste of Louisiana in every bite

After graduating from Southern University, I ventured to Houston, Texas. Imagine being hundreds of miles away from your family, and missing the comfort of home-cooked meals that you were accustomed to. Nothing could compare to those delicious dishes I grew up enjoying.  It became evident that nothing could truly replace the delicious meals of my grandmother and mom. So, I started recreating their dishes, calling home for guidance, and preserving the flavors of home. It all began in Houston! I began adding my own twist to the food I cherished. Through culinary exploration and experimentation, I discovered new creations, recipes and perfected flavors that bring pure delight to those who indulge.

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